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Jane Archer
Extraordinary BellyDance Instructor,
Performer, and Community Builder!

Jane Archer is a highly energetic, supportive dance instructor who found her passion in teaching, performing, choreography, and organizing fun events. The owner of Euphoria Studios & a soulful dancer since 1981, Jane is the creator of Neo-Tribal Belly Dance, having directed prominant performance groups in Portland, including The Circle Dance Company & Mandala. Jane's specialty is her expressiveness and improvisation, performing regularly with master Middle Eastern musicians has led her to become a well known and sought after performer and instructor. She is lucky to be able to be choosy about her performances, lessons & workshops!

The aspect of community, which seems to be lacking in our society, is a very important thread that ties us all together. Jane strives to provide the essence of community by creating a nurturing setting for classes, a space for students to feel safe to incorporate their own personal experiences into their creative expression. Euphoria Studios is an expansion of that-a vibrant, creatively supportive artistic community.

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